Hector Ames, president of the Idaville Junior Ecology Club, needed someone who really knew a lot of random stuff. Naturally, he ended up at Brown Detective Agency and hired Encyclopedia for some fact-checking.

The club was in the process of screening a prospective member, Justin Mudd, who claimed to have travelled the world and to be an animal expert. That would be a great addition to the club. Hector wanted Encyclopedia around to see if Justin’s stories were accurate. Since the club does volunteer work around the town, its members are able to get into baseball games for free. Hector didn’t want Justin lying to get into the club just for the free games.

Encyclopedia sat in during the interview.

Among Justin’s claims:

While in Mexico, he freed a cross-eyed fighting rooster – even though a rooster can’t be cross-eyed because its eyes are on the sides of its head. However, the idea of a cock-eyed cock is amusing to me.

He once saw a bunch of pigs look up at a low-flying plane and then they ran away because of the sound. Pigs can’t look up.

He once saw a tiger kill a giraffe in Africa, even though tigers don’t live in Africa, they live in Asia.

I could go on, but suffice it to say that every single story Justin told about animals was inaccurate; so much so that it makes me wonder what kind of ecology club this was. Any officer of a junior ecology club who doesn’t know that male kangaroos do not have pouches shouldn’t be given free tickets to a baseball game.