Elmer Evans came to the Brown Detective Agency a broken, dejected boy. It seemed that his record for holding his breath had been shattered. Wilford Wiggins had claimed to have reached the bottom of Old Bear Cave, a cave outside of Idaville that is filled with poisonous gases.

If it’s filled with poisonous gases, then why is it called Old Bear Cave? It doesn’t seem likely that bears would live in this cave, unless they were the kinds of bears that didn’t need to breathe.

For some reason, Elmer got it in his head to attempt going down the cave as well. Yeah, that seems like a good idea. He wasn’t able to get down to the bottom of the cave, but he was fortunately able to get out alive. It was still pretty dumb of him to attempt it, though.

Elmer told Encyclopedia that Wilford called for a meeting to tell everyone what he found at the bottom of the cave. Since Wilford once tried to sell everyone sugar water, claiming it was muscle tonic, Encyclopedia figured he’d check it out.

The two got there and listened to Wilford tell his story. He had apparently used scuba equipment for his climb. This was news that delighted Elmer as it meant that his record was still intact. Maybe he could have found that information out before risking his own life.

Wilford said that at the bottom of the cave, he found drawings from the time of cavemen. He even passed around some photos of the drawings. You know, standard caveman drawings; wooly mammoths and cavemen hunting dinosaurs. He encouraged everyone to buy shares of the cave because it was about to come a tourist attraction. Every child who invested was going to be rich, for sure. Who wouldn’t want to visit a cave filled with poisonous gases? 

However, Encyclopedia pointed out that dinosaurs died out millions of years before cavemen. Not only did cavemen not hunt dinosaurs, but they didn’t have any idea that dinosaurs existed.

While it is clear that Wilford made those paintings himself, I’m sure some idiot in Idaville used this as evidence that dinosaurs did, in fact, live in the same time of cavemen.